Children's Buffet

Main Sitting

A variety of luxury character-shaped Sandwiches on a variety of breads with, Chicken, Cheese, Ham, Tuna Mayonnaise and Sweetcorn

Also choose any one of our desserts - £2.95 per child

Add any of the healthy options below:-

Any 1 - £3.50 per person
Any 2 - £4.00 per person
Any 3 - £4.95 per person
Any 4 - £5.95 per person
Any 5 - £6.95 per person

a Mini Sausages

b Mini Meatballs

c Tuna Pasta

d Cheese and Ham Quiche

e Fish Goujons

f Chicken Bites

g Carrot, Cucumber and Celery Sticks. Also, Cheese Sticks and Crunchy Bread Sticks with sensational Dips

Our finest wholemeal mini pizzas:-

h Cheese, Tomato, Pepperoni, Chicken and Sweetcorn

i Potato Wedges


a Fruit Kebabs

b Mini Flap Jacks

c Fruit Buns

d Seasonal Gingerbread Men

e Yoghurts or Rice Puddings or Jelly Pots

f Dried Fruit

g Home-made Popcorn

Drinks - additional cost

a Smoothies - £1.00

b Apple Juice - 50p

c Orange Juice - 50p

d Sparkling Water - 60p

e Flavoured Water - 60p